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Im so like... Burnt out. Im always stressed and I dont have enough time to wind down when I get home before i have to go to bed. I just really want april to roll around so I can get some time off and just... Chill for a second. Have more than one day off at a time you know, consecutive days are cool.

i wish i could just feel the sweet release of death already and im taking all yall motherfuckers with me
Fly as Fuck
Ugh drawing takes so much time.. feels god to finish stuff tho

outfit inspo from Itsmyrayeraye on instagram!
Fresh as fuck

Fresh claws, new haircut, new dress yall fucking KNOW who it is!!!! 

I miss drawing Amy, I miss drawing in general, been so busy with the new apartment so havent really had time to do much of it. Oh well, more Amy!
jesus christ guys... My gtav account was hacked lmao. Luckily for me, I was quick as fuck to respond and managed to get it back, changed password several times, changed email several times, got 2step verification and gotr rockstar support to force lock my acc so only I would be accessing it. Never click on random steam profiles that send you random friend requests friends, I had a fucking heartattack



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White supremasists, nazis and people who believe in "ethnic cleansing" literally wish death upon billions of human beings. They don't want you to be allowed to be alive if you're not white. They have killed poc and they want to kill more. I understand that some people wanna sit this one out on the fence, but shit... fighting THIS kind of violence with love would only fucking work if we were all Sailor Moon and could turn love into lazerbeams.

these people, these racists and literal nazis STILL EXIST because people defend their right to opress. They aren't afraid to express their hate because people defend them. "But im defending free speech!" you cry. No, you're defending people who think Hitler had the right idea. The people who's free speech you're protecting don't see a fucking difference. They think that since you defend them their actions are accepted. And they are not.

Freedom of speech means you can say whatever you want AS LONG as you're willing to face the concequences. Eg if I go out and say im going to kill someone, I would probably be reported to the police. And if you show up in my face saying that anyone who isn't white should die bc of whatever racist reason you have, I will punch you. Because I want you to be afraid of ever thinking that shit is okay, because its not. 

Nazis NEED to be scared of expressing themselves, because as long as they're not, they'll keep on marching and they'll keep on committing hatecrimes. I hate talking about politics but the fact that people still try to be neutral in a situation where one side is We want to kill people and the other side is We don't want to die, just fucks me up man. If we bring a book to this knife fight we're gonna get fucking stabbed.
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Pia Stark Eriksson
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
When im not playing videogames i draw sometimes


Q: Have you considered incorporating headbutts into your fighting style?
A: Oh, yeah. Tried it a few times. No luck.
Q: Too easy for enemies to defend against?
A: A little. I'm big enough that I've gotta lean down to make it work on most people. You see it coming. I did it once with a charge, though. Got one on each horn.
Q: Nicely done.
A: Yeah, 'cept for the part where they were both hanging from my head yelling for the rest of the fight.
Q: Ah. Point taken. So to speak.
Q: How do you put on shirts?
A: I don't, usually. It's pretty hot where im from. But I can get into anything with a loose collar. Just gotta ease one horn through and then angle it up. There's a term for getting caught unprepared that translates to "running around with clothing stuck on your horns."
Q: Colorful.


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Thank you, and thanks for the fav & watch! :D
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